Friday, 22 March 2013

Peer Teaching

Through my movement practise I have formulated an interest into the initiation of movement and in particular refining the moment in time when this occurs even in the most subtle of movements. My studies in BMC have helped me greatly in this interest as it has made me aware that in order to initiate movement there is usually a shift across the midline of the body.

In particular this point can be investigated more clearly in the homolateral yield and push pattern of the upper and lower body.

To clarify, the homolateral yield and push pattern is the lizard stage in the animal kingdom:
>The spine is still low and close to the floor, as it has been in the stages previous to it, meaning that the movement naturally shifts side to side
>Hearing and sight are coming more into play, with the inner ear regulating balance and spatial awareness

In reference to infants:
>At the stage where we begin the notion of going somewhere/belly crawling.
>As we find asymmetrical movement this pattern also allows for the beginning stages of picking things up as we are able to shift our weight over the midline to one side allowing the other side to be free and balanced to pick up objects
>Differentiation between left and right side has occurred, with awareness of supporting/yielding side and articulating/pushing side

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Reflections in Katye's class

1. Not moving for movements sake. Slow. Everything done for me...What I need. Lengthening. Awakening body parts that feel like they're resisting. Joints ache/protest, body cold and unwilling, mind is inwards/quiet.
2. HIP JOINT! What am I working with? Connections within the body - doing one movement leads to another. Soft, spongey body. Am I working with this because of how I feel today? Doesn't matter. This is where I am...need to keep working through.
3. Pushed through it...Did movements I wanted to do, not just for the sake of my joints/body's needs today but for me personally. Instantly started bringing me out of myself. This meant that I spent less time analysing and more time doing, consequently less pauses, more substantial material to work with. Also began to travel more through space.

'seeing everywhere' > directing the dance
                                                                new experience but relates subconsciously 
               Avoiding staying on the ground
                                                                                                        Does it matter?
Last/ left behind rather than initiating
                                                                                                                          Do I need to move on?                                                      eyes open brought myself out/ opened awareness to the room and to 'being seen'

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Pass or Passing

Pass or Passing

        Pass by                                                Passing By                                              Passing through
                             By pass                                                       Passing time

    Under pass                            Pass down                                                   Passing time



                     Avoid                              Obstruct                              Join                        With


Walk with                          Be With                                       With me                   Stay With

                                                                 Run with

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reflections on Andrea's classes...

A reoccurring message to let go of predetermined beginnings or unnecessary arms. There is an initiation point but subtle. Just do what I need to do and no more...

                      Journey of the arms...
                                                            not decoration

     Articulating feet, finishing off movement (one of my goals at the beginning of the year) but don't overpoint!!! I in particular have to be careful about that 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cradling the head

Head feels so much lighter. The looseness allows my neck a freedom/loss of tension from normal. Partner felt like a clamp holding it in place even after she let go. In a good way. Moments where I felt 'right' in movement - feet and skull in conversation. Moments when it didn't - that's okay, moments that feel right feel better amidst moments that don't.

                        Light headed
> Partner was firm in weight bearing
> Made my head feel lighter/freer than usual

Connected skulls
Weight bearing through the skulls connecting
Need to give enough weight to stay connected 
finding the balance

Monday, 4 February 2013

Speaking whilst walking

This class seems more eager to talk, makes it easier to vocalise myself

The story was random and not from my observations. I woke up in a strange and unfamiliar place and was completely lost. I tried to find my way back home but was just walking in circles, I came across a log and jumped over it I then began swimming across a massive lake when suddenly I see a crocodile and stop. I stay still and then carefully creep away. Getting tired I fall asleep, waking up in my own bed 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Cecelia MacFarlane...Workshop 2


  • environmental space - use the same space/settings, a comparatively clean and safe place as a comfort zone 
  • personal space - find the right distance and position between therapist and client
  • behavioural - establish that there is not going to be any hitting/verbal abuse allowed
  • confidential - establish that everything communicated is confidential unless under extreme circumstances
  • energetic/engaged - be in the appropriate mood/emotional and in an engaged state for the individual client
  • time keeping - always be on time and don't make allowances for late clients, still finish session at correct time
  • don't use the word 'I' - by saying 'I do that too' you are enabling them, gives the impression that its okay. Takes away from the client
My personal and significant thing:
My ipod
Red - one of my favourite colours
Me - A collection of MY favourite songs/music
Dance - A tool used to stimulate dance - a big part of who I am
Personalised - Personalised by my family that reminds me of them 

My partners expression:
Feel connected to the dance - because I know what inspires it? All the details? 
Repetitive and enclosed, even when movement is opening out it seems that she is holding onto something
Full of emotion, by the end she seems like shes had enough...

How it feels for me?:
Everyday movements triggering memories, making me smile. Going down memory lane, trying to evoke more. My item more one of comfort and happiness, rather than raw emotion, but just as strong.